Campaign Brief


A modern game, set in Toronto, ON Canada.

Since the turn of the millenium, news reports of strange sightings have been increasing, more and more people are disappearing off the streets, and there seems to be an aura of menace within shadows and the dark of night.

The players are normal people. People who have had strange encounters from the spooky side of the street. From alien abductions, sighting bigfoot, or even meeting a vampire in downtown Toronto, they have experienced hauntings and sightings first hand. And now they live with the knowledge that the dark places in the world are getting even darker.

As it turns out, the players have been watched by a group of vampires, who want added stability in a world where supernatural events are causing chaos. The vampires have sent invitations to each of the players, and have placed them through a gauntlet. Those who survive find themselves transformed into fledgeling vampires, those who do not… end up being food.

Campaign Update:

The Prelude was run using d20 Modern as a base system, with updates based on the Pathfinder SRD

We are currently changing game systems to V:tM 20th Anniversary Edition to reflect the embrace and change from normal folk into fledgeling vampires.

The story has unfolded to a stage where the characters have been turned into a supernatural police force (think a cross between MIB and Sanctuary)

Some useful links:

Official Webpage of Toronto, ON Canada
Wikipedia Entry for Toronto, ON

After that, take a look at the Shadows over Toronto wiki which clarifies some house rules.

Shadows over Toronto (CLOSED)

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