Ethan Shepherd


OK, Ethan has been running a mens bible study group on Tuesday mornings in the private bar over the last few months because of some renovations being done to the church.

Full name: Rev. Ethan Shepherd
Goes by: Ethan
Age: 56
Sex: Male
Strength: WIS

One liner re: paranormal
About 12 years ago (before he joined the priesthood) Ethan was out hunting alone when a storm hit. During the storm he shot what he thought was a bear, but when he approached the carcass he found a naked woman with a bullet wound in her side. The police were called, but by the time they arrived the woman had vanished. A month later his wife and daughter were found horribly murdered in their house, driving Ethan to the priesthood for answers and solace.

Stuff to know.
Ethan is a bit jaded. His hair and beard are grey, his light blue eyes both angry and very, very sad. He is tall and quite solidly built, but not unusually so. He seems to find solace and comfort in his faith

Ethan Shepherd

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